Positive Lifestyle Bolg

Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 17. October 2020
These days everything and any behavior is acceptable. People literally know no boundaries in the way they talk, act, or treat others. No one seem to care or notice the declining moral in our society and how it is impacting us all. When you behave in an unruly manner, people suffer from your actions. Psychologically, or sometimes physically. What we say or do can cause emotional stress on others, hence the need to be mindful of our behavior at home, at work or in public.
Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 27. September 2020
Hi readers, welcome back. It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy, restructuring my life and career basically. I hope You are all doing great, too. Today's blog is about WELL-BEING. How to work towards achieving better health through lifestyle, and when to start. For me, anytime is a good time to start your journey towards better health... We all come to a certain point in our lives, and realize, we must make changes to certain things. It could be how we live, act,

Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 07. July 2019
The issues of unemployment is one that am not new to because I have experienced unemployment myself. Back in Nigeria, I tried so hard to find work, in other to support myself through school. It was difficult and very depressing I must admit, but I persevered and continue to strive despite the odds, until I was able to open my fashion outfit in Lagos before moving to Australia.
Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 02. July 2019
The road to success is often very bumpy and unpredictable. One that leaves many hanging half way through their journey and many a times, unable to achieve their goals, which is hardly what any of us want. So today i would like to share some key things to keep in mind in your quest for SUCCESS.