4 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look; Part-1
Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 12. January 2021
I have been meaning to write today's blog for some time, cause am daily reminded of it's importance whenever i am out and about - THE FEMININE WOMAN LOOK. This topic is crucial now more than ever, given the dress-code of the younger generation. So, presentation e.g., fashion and style of the Feminine Woman will be the focus of the series. Though mannerism and intellectual drives are all synonymous with being feminine, appearance and style play a key role, because it's importance to always
Motivational Blog · 31. December 2020
Many people today are celebrating the end of what they deem the "year-from-hell". It has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Both rich, middle class as well as the poor. We could all write a book about our experiences so far and still; many may not be comforted due to the significant blow they and their families were dealt. In losing loved ones, to the lost of income and businesses for many, as well as increase in mental stress etc. The anguish is immeasurable.

14. December 2020
Looking at that headline, one might start to wonder; Is there a new strain of the current coronavirus? You will be forgiven for thinking that. Yes, it is, just not of the body but of the mind. I used the term “Ho-Vid-19” which I got from a youtuber named ‘WESTCOASTKAM’. The term is an abbreviation for Hoe- meaning, slutty behavior. Vid- meaning; video. 19- because these slutty behaviors filmed and advertised online gained mainstream attention last year. Merged, and you get the term Ho-Vid-19.
The Only Ethics You Need · 24. November 2020
In my new book “the only ethics you need to attain a fruitful life” I encouraged young adults to lead a positive life, so they can be productive members of the society. I beseech all adults, to work, earn your living and provide for yourself. Do not burden your family to baby-nurse you forever, by living a fruitless life. It is unfair. Endeavor to move out as soon as you’re able, so you can start your own journey. Living outside of your parent’s winds of protection, forces

Why Ethical Living Is Vital for Our Wellbeing
The Only Ethics You Need · 16. November 2020
What is ethical living? My definition – refers to our morals (how we live) and how we treat others etc. Being virtuous, treat people with respect and kindness, being upstanding in business, being conscious of the environment, and connecting to our spirituality, is what ethical living is about. Our words, actions, or things we fail to do can affect people in a positive or negative way. E.g. your kind word can make a person feel good about themselves, that they will in turn, act kindly towards
Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 17. October 2020
The Ethics of our modern society has declined to the lowest state imaginable. Any and every behavior is now acceptable. Adults carry on irresponsibly, disregarding consequences. Very few care or notice the awful state of "morals" in our society and how it is impacting us all. When a person behave in an unruly fashion, it causes anguish to others, hence the to be mindful of our actions. Ethical living is what am proposing in my new book "the only ethics you need to attain a fruitful life".

Positive Lifestyle Bolg · 27. September 2020
Hi readers, welcome back. It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy, restructuring my life and career basically. I hope You are all doing great, too. Today's blog is about WELL-BEING. How to work towards achieving better health through lifestyle, and when to start. For me, anytime is a good time to start your journey towards better health... We all come to a certain point in our lives, and realize, we must make changes to certain things. It could be how we live, act,
Marriage & Relationship · 26. July 2020
Following my last post on the topic of Poor Communication, I'll share a few more details on it today. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about what makes a relationship or marriage work. But unfortunately, myths are not always true, infact some of these claims is so misleading, it has caused many relationship/marriage to crumble. When you are in a relationship, you want to be happy with yourself and your partner, but that is far from reality for many. No thanks to the misleading

Business Advice · 19. May 2020
Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing good today. I pray you and your family are save during this covid-19 pandemic. A while ago, I discussed three newbie or start-up business dilemma and how to fix them. Experiences I learnt first hand, whilst trying to set up small independent venture to secure my financial future. Lessons that has helped me make better choices moving forward. Today I want to give you the remaining three tips to get your business off the right foot.
Marriage & Relationship · 28. April 2020
Hi readers, welcome back to my blog. It's been a while since my last post, although my absent wasn't planned. I want to discuss an issue that has posed a tough challenge for many couples. One that has the potential to strengthen or break a union, especially during this Covid-19 lockdown. Some couple are struggling with their relationship because they're now forced to confront one another on a daily basis, which they probably weren't used to. Creating a very toxic energy in their homes.

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