About Me

If you're in need of a modern, interactive and professional website for yourself or small business, then contact me. Am an indie web enthusiast based in Brisbane. In the past 3yrs I have designed several websites including, ecommerce, blog and personal webpages. I can't wait to help you build your web presence, to fulfil your digital goals. 


- Ecommerce (small business/online shop)
- Blog (for entrepreneurs
- Landing or Personal page (for personal & creative projects
All website will  include;
  1. Landing page (consist of product listing & about page)
  2. Email /Newsletter
  3. Contact form
  4. Social media contact
  5. Booking form/Menu list (where required
  6. Domain registration ( 1yr rego+SSL protection)
  7. All website will be mobile responsive
  8.  1yr domain registration
  9. 1yr webmail registration (a professional email address for your website)

Design Process

  • Consultation ( You discuss your needs and provide required materials)
  • Designing/Build ( I'll get to work and design your website)
  • Review or test by client (You'll test the site to ensure satisfaction)
  • Confirmation (I'll receive the feedback and approval)
  • Launch (Your website will go live)


Ecommerce (any site that receives payment) = $850

Blog = $600

Personal/Landing page = $450


Your website will be ready within 5 business days, unless I advice otherwise.