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What Is Sabbath? Why Should You Care?
Spiritual Message Blog · 02. August 2021
Sabbath is the Holy Day of Our Creator – God/YHWH/YAHUAH. A day He rested, after the creation of the Earth and everything in it. Sabbath is Observed on the 7th day of every week- a 24hrs period of sober moments and reading of God’s word, Holy convocation (coming together for the purpose of worship by believers) and most importantly, a day of REST. Clearly explained in Exodus 20: 8 – 11. In this verse, Father told us not to work nor allow others to work on our behalf,
Oh That Men Should Praise God
Spiritual Message Blog · 24. July 2021
During this global crisis, many are overwhelmed with anxieties of life. Losing jobs/income. Unable to pay their dues (rents/mortgages) Unable to visit loved ones, creating isolations and loneliness. Some are unable to feed 3 square meals a day. Hardships that lead to trauma and deterioration of mental health. It is awful.

Should Believers Sell Online During Sabbath?
Spiritual Message Blog · 03. July 2021
This is a pretty sketchy one. Cause everyone (I mean in the believer’s camp) has fashion their own way of observing Sabbath, according to their understanding. Though the Scriptural instruction is simple. The Old Testament which explained the observance of Sabbath states that we are to do no work, neither should we trade or buy, nor go on a journey on the day of Sabbath.
The Only Way To Know God
Spiritual Message Blog · 26. June 2021
The most common questions people seek answers to, in relation to God is: How do you know God? What do you have to do? How do you talk to Him? How do you know what he wants you to do, etc.? I’ll say it’s simple. The only way to know God is; through His word. Yes, the Bible. You have to read the Bible in other to know what it teaches about God. There isn’t any other way.

Deeds Of A True Believer - Fruit Of The Spirit
Spiritual Message Blog · 19. June 2021
What does “true believer” mean? Who is a true believer? Well - True believer means; believing in the principals of God. A true believer is one who follows the commandments of God in every aspect of life. One who does not live according to the ways of this world, rather, allow his thoughts and actions be guided by the laws of God for us.
The Most Important Questions Of All?
Spiritual Message Blog · 13. June 2021
The Most Important Questions of All? Why are you here? Why were you created? What is your mission on Earth? These are some of the questions everyone needs to ask themselves, in other to connect or reconnect with their purpose on Earth. Without a clear understanding of why you came, you may not know what to do or how to fulfill your obligations. Hence, one must seek these answers.

Do The Masses believe We’re Living In The End-Times?
Spiritual Message Blog · 05. June 2021
Firstly, what does “end-time even mean”? why is it relevant anyway? Many often ask. Making it the most hotly debated topic in the public sphere, whenever mentioned. I would like to start off with explaining the two questions above. What does end-time mean? This is a period that signifies the beginning of the end of all things as we know it (the world and the people in it, us.)
The Perks Of Returning To God - Tried and Testified
Spiritual Message Blog · 29. May 2021
When people hear the phrase “start or rebuild a relationship with God”, they often refute the idea for fear they’ll be obligated to offer something in return for the relationship to work. But that couldn’t be further from the truth of it. Because, God never want anything from you (given that He created the world and everything in it). So, there is nothing you have or own that is of any value to God, that He may demand of you, rather when you return to God, He’ll give you more of all you could

You Must Start A Relationship With Him Now
Spiritual Message Blog · 10. April 2021
The bible told us if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us, James 4: 8. Whilst many are experiencing stresses of life during this pandemic, they often turn to the world (govts) for answers. When in reality, the TRUE answer lies with God. But, you need to have a relationship with Him, to access His solutions to all your needs.
Wait on God’s Time
Spiritual Message Blog · 03. April 2021
Patience is a virtue, we’re told. And patience equates time. The Bible has shown us on numerous occasions that those who waited on God were fulfilled, because God never leave nor forsake those who wait on Him for answers, support, solutions, mercy, or strength. He is too faithful to let down anyone who call on Him. Often, when we are overwhelmed with life challenges, it can seem lazy or unreasonably to wait on God, (some presume is time wasting)

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