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3 Solid Reasons To Self-Publish As A Christian Author- 3
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 22. May 2021
No doubt many authors here have explored the #ACFW hashtag on Twitter, but how many have explored the #selfpub tag in equal depth? Those who have will know that the self-publishing community is an incredibly vibrant, friendly corner of the Internet — and for those who haven’t, this may be an extra point on the self-pub side if you’re weighing up your options.
Humanity’s Biggest Killer- Save Yourself From It Now
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 09. May 2021
What am I talking about? What killer? Well, am talking about an extremely dangerous disease that has ravaged Humanity for generations, unimpeded. What is it? How does it kill? What are the symptoms? Again, I’ll say its something people engage in, without understanding its deadly consequences. It causes slow but very painful death. The signs are excruciating pain (severe trauma) for the bearer. Having survived its deadly clutch, I have decided to write a book about it, to warn others.

3 Solid Reasons To Self-Publish As a Christian Author - Part 2
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 02. May 2021
You can write and publish on your own timeline Speaking of liberation, self-publishing also means that you can work at your own pace and publish your book whenever feels right for you. Indeed, one of the biggest downsides of traditional publishing is having to adhere to the publisher’s schedule — whether that means rushing through edits or waiting months, sometimes even years, for your release date.
3 Solid Reasons To Self-Publish As a Christian Author
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 24. April 2021
If you’re an author of Christian fiction, it can be surprisingly difficult to decide which publishing path to pursue. Should you try traditional publishing with a CBA or even an ABA publisher, or should you take the independent route and self-publish? Some writers can only imagine finding success through a traditional publishing book deal — and furthermore, Christian authors may fret that indie readers wouldn’t respond well to their works, specifically.

Incredible Books To Help Transform Your Life This New Year
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 31. December 2020
Many people today are celebrating the end of what they deem the "year-from-hell". It has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Both rich, middle class as well as the poor. We could all write a book about our experiences so far and still; many may not be comforted due to the significant blow they and their families were dealt. In losing loved ones, to the lost of income and businesses for many, as well as increase in mental stress etc. The anguish is immeasurable.
Ho-Vid-19 The Real Pandemic Devastating Families
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 14. December 2020
Looking at that headline, one might start to wonder; Is there a new strain of the current coronavirus? You will be forgiven for thinking that. Yes, it is, just not of the body but of the mind. I used the term “Ho-Vid-19” which I got from a youtuber named ‘WESTCOASTKAM’. The term is an abbreviation for Hoe- meaning, slutty behavior. Vid- meaning; video. 19- because these slutty behaviors filmed and advertised online gained mainstream attention last year. Merged, and you get the term Ho-Vid-19.

How Adults Can Lead Ethical Lifestyle
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 24. November 2020
In my new book “the only ethics you need to attain a fruitful life” I encouraged young adults to lead a positive life, so they can be productive members of the society. I beseech all adults, to work, earn your living and provide for yourself. Do not burden your family to baby-nurse you forever, by living a fruitless life. It is unfair.
Why Ethical Living Is Vital for Our Wellbeing
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 16. November 2020
What is ethical living? My definition – refers to our morals (how we live) and how we treat others etc. Being virtuous, treat people with respect and kindness, being upstanding in business, being conscious of the environment, and our connection to God, is what ethical living is about. Our words, actions, or things we fail to do can affect people in a positive or negative way. E.g. your kind word can make a person feel good about themselves, that they will in turn, act kindly towards

The Only  Ethics You Need To Lead A Fruitful Life
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 17. October 2020
The Ethics of our modern society has declined to the lowest state imaginable. Any and every behavior is now acceptable. Adults carry on irresponsibly, disregarding consequences. Very few care or notice the awful state of "morals" in our society and how it is impacting us all. When a person behave in an unruly fashion, it causes anguish to others, hence the to be mindful of our actions. Ethical living is what am proposing in my new book "the only ethics you need to attain a fruitful life".
Start Your Journey Towards A Wellbeing
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 27. September 2020
Hi readers, welcome back. It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy, restructuring my life and career basically. I hope You are all doing great, too. Today's blog is about WELL-BEING. How to work towards achieving better health through lifestyle, and when to start. For me, anytime is a good time to start your journey towards better health... We all come to a certain point in our lives, and realize, we must make changes to certain things. It could be how we live, act,