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3 Important Layers of Feminine Look - P3
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 15. July 2021
Hi everyone, welcome back to the "feminine look series". Last time I discussed accessories (jewelry) when styling to reflect your femininity. Today, I will complete this topic with the final feminine look tips. Continuing from our last post, here are the items on today's list:
3 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look -  P2
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 30. January 2021
A few weeks ago I talked about the importance of a Feminine Woman's Look, and discussed her Style in particular. How you can achieve femininity through fashion. Well today I will be discussing another layer of fashion; accessories. e.g. Jewelry. Jewelry is the cherry on top of the cake of fashion and presentation. Your accessory says a lot about you as an individual, and adds a layer of status, confidence, and a sense of style to your look, thus be mindful of how you accessorize and what kind

3 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look - P1
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 12. January 2021
I have been meaning to write today's blog for some time now, cause am daily reminded of it's importance whenever i am out and about - THE FEMININE WOMAN'S LOOK. This topic is crucial now more than ever, given the dress-code of the younger generation. So, presentation e.g., fashion and style of the Feminine Woman will be the focus of this blog-series. Because it's importance to always