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4 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look: Part 2
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 30. January 2021
A few weeks ago I talked about the importance of a Feminine Woman's Look, and discussed her Style in particular. How you can achieve femininity through fashion. Well today I will be discussing another layer of fashion; accessories. e.g. Jewelry. Jewelry is the cherry on top of the cake of fashion and presentation. Your accessory says a lot about you as an individual, and adds a layer of status, confidence, and a sense of style to your look, thus be mindful of how you accessorize and what kind
4 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look: Part-1
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 12. January 2021
I have been meaning to write today's blog for some time, cause am daily reminded of it's importance whenever i am out and about - THE FEMININE WOMAN'S LOOK. This topic is crucial now more than ever, given the dress-code of the younger generation. So, presentation e.g., fashion and style of the Feminine Woman will be the focus of the series. Though mannerism and intellectual drives are all synonymous with being feminine, appearance and style play a key role, because it's importance to always