Spiritual Message Blog · 10. April 2021
The bible told us if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us, James 4: 8. Whilst many are experiencing stresses of life during this pandemic, they often turn to the world (govts) for answers. When in reality, the TRUE answer lies with God. But, you need to have a relationship with Him, to access His solutions to all your needs.
Spiritual Message Blog · 03. April 2021
Patience is a virtue, we’re told. And patience equates time. The Bible has shown us on numerous occasions that those who waited on God were fulfilled, because God never leave nor forsake those who wait on Him for answers, support, solutions, mercy, or strength. He is too faithful to let down anyone who call on Him. Often, when we are overwhelmed with life challenges, it can seem lazy or unreasonably to wait on God, (some presume is time wasting)

Spiritual Message Blog · 27. March 2021
This is one of the important things to do in your work with YHWH. In Romans 3: 23, we are reminded that all have sinned, therefore no one can claim to be righteous. So, do not be ashamed to come to Our Father in Heaven and ask Him to forgive your sins. It is vital that you acknowledge your past, to show humility and remorse for you mistakes. But be assured that when you ask, He would forgive.
Spiritual Message Blog · 20. March 2021
Many today, feel embarrassed about their lifestyle, past actions, or choices so much that they fear calling on God for help when in need. But I want you to know that God is a loving Father who effortlessly forgives us our sins when we ask. If there is a situation in your life that overwhelms your abilities, I urge you to call on Him, do not hesitate. He would fix it because, he is too faithful to let you down.

Spiritual Message Blog · 16. March 2021
Faith vs Grace. How are we saved? Should we keep all 600+ laws of the old Covenant (Torah) or not? To my understand by reading of the Word (Bible, Scriptures) the short and clear answer is NO. I know there are several Christian camps on YouTube preaching “keeping all the old laws” (as supposed to keeping the Ten Commandment and believe in Jesus Christ) I do not understand why they do it. For I believe that if Elohim opened my eyes to see the Truth about this subject,
Ladies Here Are 5 Ways To Boost Your Savings
Financial Advice Blog · 13. February 2021
It is natural for people to want to look and feel good, especially women. But these emotional gratifications come with routine costs that most women do not realize is putting pressure on their income. Now, I am not against any lady wanting to pamper themselves or connect with their womanhood, I am simply pointing out where most of your income is going and how to reduce these expenses in other to boost your finances.

4 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look: Part 2
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 30. January 2021
A few weeks ago I talked about the importance of a Feminine Woman's Look, and discussed her Style in particular. How you can achieve femininity through fashion. Well today I will be discussing another layer of fashion; accessories. e.g. Jewelry. Jewelry is the cherry on top of the cake of fashion and presentation. Your accessory says a lot about you as an individual, and adds a layer of status, confidence, and a sense of style to your look, thus be mindful of how you accessorize and what kind
4 Important Layers Of A Feminine Look: Part-1
Feminine Lifestyle Blog · 12. January 2021
I have been meaning to write today's blog for some time, cause am daily reminded of it's importance whenever i am out and about - THE FEMININE WOMAN'S LOOK. This topic is crucial now more than ever, given the dress-code of the younger generation. So, presentation e.g., fashion and style of the Feminine Woman will be the focus of the series. Though mannerism and intellectual drives are all synonymous with being feminine, appearance and style play a key role, because it's importance to always

Positive Lifestyle Blog · 31. December 2020
Many people today are celebrating the end of what they deem the "year-from-hell". It has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Both rich, middle class as well as the poor. We could all write a book about our experiences so far and still; many may not be comforted due to the significant blow they and their families were dealt. In losing loved ones, to the lost of income and businesses for many, as well as increase in mental stress etc. The anguish is immeasurable.
Ho-Vid-19 The Real Pandemic Devastating Families
Positive Lifestyle Blog · 14. December 2020
Looking at that headline, one might start to wonder; Is there a new strain of the current coronavirus? You will be forgiven for thinking that. Yes, it is, just not of the body but of the mind. I used the term “Ho-Vid-19” which I got from a youtuber named ‘WESTCOASTKAM’. The term is an abbreviation for Hoe- meaning, slutty behavior. Vid- meaning; video. 19- because these slutty behaviors filmed and advertised online gained mainstream attention last year. Merged, and you get the term Ho-Vid-19.

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