Marriage & Relationship

Marriage & Relationship · 29. September 2019
Hi Readers, Welcome back to my blog. Today I want to discus; Unhappy Relationship. It's one in which a member of a couple is not happy with themselves first and foremost. Which may be due to some unprocessed negative emotions, that results from their day to day lives with their partners. Unfortunately, the effect of being unhappy has one major impact on our lives; It stops the bearer from living a fulfilled life or achieving any goals, because they're constantly blinded by negative thoughts.

Marriage & Relationship · 10. September 2019
Hi everyone, hope this blog finds you well. I haven't post lately because I've been working on my first fiction Kelvin Dean which is coming out soon. Today I would like to discuss some very important issue about marriage. I chose this topic because it's one area most people don't like to discuss due to potential backlash from those who might feel threaten by truth. But we need to have these conversation, because we learn much better, when we talk.