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The Only Ethics You Need Book Cover
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This world is such a beautiful place, we all agree. It would be even better if we live in it, with a positive mindset and attitude. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. We live in a world were children do not know what to do or how to behave, and adults are just as confused. The lines between Right or Wrong, Moral or Immoral has BLURRED so much, that every behavior now seems alright, regardless.

The hope for the Good in humanity inspired me to write this; Ethics-Handbook.  Packed with honest guiding principles, to help bring society back to how it was meant to be. A warm, happy, and unifying cosmos for everyone.


This is a must-have Self-Help book for everyone; Family, individuals, Businesses and Community units. Because the improvement of Life and Our Society lies with us all. 


 A dozen Corpses. One gun. No Witnesses. Seems like a perfect crime. How can things possibly go wrong? All Kelvin Wanted was to visit his mom for Christmas, all Gracie wanted was to spend the festive season with her son. But tragedy struck on the Eve of Christmas, and the battle for Survival Begins.

This is a psychological murder mystery that'll challenge a tight knot family to the core. An ultimate test of faith and commitment like no other. But as their lives begins to unravel, the question remains. Available now.


Editors Comment -

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading and editing your book. I enjoyed the story and the twist with the mother at the end. 


26 ways to inspire yourself

This book is focused on helping readers make positive changes in their lives, in areas such as career, relationship and general well being. Packed full with POSITIVE LIVING ADVICE that anyone will enjoy to read.

Sometimes in life we hit a road block, in term of career instability, relationship breakdown or lack of motivation, and even past mistakes holding us bound, and stopping us from accepting forgiveness from others and moving forward. 

 But we do not have to live in hopelessness, nor do we have to give up the desire to pursue or fulfil our goals. 

 Lack of motivation is one of "Personal Goals & Dreams" biggest killer.

 But don't worry about where or how to start your journey towards a better you, cause in this very powerful SELF-HELP book, you'll find encouragement, advice and recommendations that'll enable you take those important steps, required to make positive changes in your life.

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Editors Review

“ This is a solid self-help book that encourages the reader to take steps towards self-improvement. The twenty-six different topics are important ones to consider—I was particularly pleased to see chapter 18 confront the problem of racism. Chapter 17, full of questions about living one’s best life, is also a standout. I think people who are looking to make positive changes to their lives would find practical advice and a motivating sense of encouragement in this book ''  



6 Misconceptions about marriage

 This is a very Insightful book about building and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship in Marriage. A must read for all couples. 

Many marriages in this day and age barely last a decade. Many couples are struggling to find ways to connect and maintain a happy and thriving relationship. But majority of couples are either ignoring the most effect tips that truly binds a relationship,  or they're oblivious to the powers of these 6 SIMPLE THINGS.

  6 Misconceptions About Marriage Book has detailed some very crucial habits that has the power to strengthen or break a union.  Every couple needs to understand them, so as to avoid pitfalls in their relationship, as a result of lack of awareness. Get your copy NOW.

Editors Review

" This book is very insightful, i learnt a lot, Thank you" 


Eleven crucial steps for indie writers

This Book teaches INDIE WRITERs the basic things they need to know about Self-Publishing, to ensure success with their book. A must read for first time publisher. 

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? 

Have you ever wonder what goes into turning a manuscript into a full published book?  

Are you a newbie or indie writer, exhausted with self publishing process?  Then worry NO More. 

This indie publishing book has all the answers you need to perfectly complete your self publishing journey.

No more reading lengthy articles online, or overwhelming yourself with complicated processes.  

Get a copy of the insightful book today, to learn the basic, what's most important, and crucial steps that'll enable you make success of your hard work. Get the eBook now