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simple steps to achieve goals book cover

This book is about goal settings and the tools you need to accomplish it. 

It's a very good read for anyone seeking to achieve set objectives. Download your copy today.

the only ethics you need book cover

This world is such a beautiful place, we all agree. It would be even better if we live in it, with a positive mindset and attitude. In this book you'll find guiding principles, to make the change we all desire to see in the world.

This is a must-read for everyone; Family, individuals, Businesses and Community units. Download your copy today. 

26 ways to inspire yourself book cover

This book is focused on helping readers make positive changes in their lives, in areas such as career, relationship and general well being. Packed full with POSITIVE LIVING ADVICE that anyone will enjoy to read.

We all get to certain point in our lives where we feel stuck. We are not happy where we are. (E.g. career, relationship, or mental well-being etc.) We are not sure what to do, or how to progress behind the unhappy merry-go-round, It can be frustrating. But do not loose hope, yet. You have got all the information you need to turn your life around in this inspirational book. Get your eBook NOW  

6 misconceptions about marriage book cover

This is a very Insightful book about building and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship in Marriage. A must read for all couples. 

Many marriages in this modern times barely last a decade. Many couples are struggling to find ways to connect and maintain a happy and thriving relationship. Learn the secrets as detailed in this book. Get your copy NOW.


Editors Review

" This book is very insightful, I learnt a lot, Thank you" 


kelvin dean book cover

A dozen corpses. One gun. No Witnesses. Seems like a perfect crime. How can things possibly go wrong?

All Kelvin Wanted was to visit his mom  to spend the festive season together. But tragedy struck on the Eve of Christmas, and the battle for Survival Begins.

This is a psychological murder mystery that'll challenge a tight knot family to the core. An ultimate test of faith and commitment like no other. Read how their lives  unravels as the drama continues. Available now.

elven crucial steps for indie writers book cover

This Book teaches INDIE WRITERs the basic things they need to know about Self-Publishing, to ensure success with their book. A must read for first time publisher. 

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? 


If yes, then this indie publishing book has all the answers you need to perfectly complete your self publishing journey.

No more reading lengthy articles online, or overwhelming yourself with complicated processes.  

Get a copy to learn the basic steps that'll enable you make success of your hard work.