About  S.A.N

San Publishing is a platform created by self-published Author & Blogger Sonia A Nwajei, to showcase her work as a writer, as well as to give readers access to all of her publication in one place.

Sonia intends to expand this platform to include services that'll will make positive contribution to the Indie publishing community, which she believes still has more room for improvement.

Beside writing books, Sonia is also an inspirational blogger titled - MyImpla. The focus of her blog is to uplift people, through sharing positive message, insightful knowledge, advice and encouragement. To help readers make better choices, and engage in more productive endeavour in their daily lives.


Stay Tuned for more information on this platform, and its future projects. 

ABout the author

Sonia A Nwajei – is the author of this wonderful books . Each book is focused on a different aspect of life and aims to motivate readers with positive views about each different situations, to enable them channel their minds and efforts towards a more positive outcome.
 Her aim is to help men and women with vital information on how to (1) build a happier, stronger and lasting union (2) inspire  individuals seeking to improve their lives and achieve their personal goals and dream and (3) give indie writers like herself the tools they need to self-publish their books with ease, as well achieve a positive result.  With hopes that each of these book will be an invaluable  benefit to all.

 A fashion designer and a web-designing enthusiasts (she designed this website as well as her fashion website) Sonia is also very passionate about writing and hopes to inspire others through her Positive Lifestyle Blog titled myIMPLA  Click link to access blog.