6 misconceptions about marriage - written by Sonia a nwajei

a self-help book for your relationship and marriage

This is a very Insightful book about building and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship in Marriage. A must read for all couples. 

Many marriages in this day and age barely last a decade. Many couples are struggling to find ways to connect and maintain a happy and thriving relationship. But majority of couples are either ignoring the most effect tips that truly binds a relationship,  or they're oblivious to the powers of these 6 SIMPLE THINGS.

  6 Misconceptions About Marriage Book has detailed some very crucial habits that has the power to strengthen or break a union.  Every couple needs to understand them, so as to avoid pitfalls in their relationship, as a result of lack of awareness.

Editors Review

" This book is very insightful, i learnt alot, Thank you" 

A MUST READ FOR EVERY COUPLE. Get the eBook now. Apple buylink