Why Does YHWH Allow Pain and Tribulations to Happen?

Many cannot comprehend that a loving and powerful Creator would let specters like war, famine, diseases and suffering to persist on Earth. It seems unfair to them that not only has He let it happen, but He does nothing to fix it. Some will relay to you how these issues have personally affected them and as a result, they have lost trust, faith and believe in YHWH... And here is how their argument often play out:


They see or experience these problems! They find a no-defendant perpetrator  YWHW, (YHWH cannot attend a  human court to defend Himself) and heap their accusations on him, absorbing themselves of any responsibility in the matter. They award themselves the victory in this one-sided argument. Case closed. (I think this helps the confused, feel a little relief from their troubles.)


But is that the truth of this argument? Is YHWH really the cause of these problems? Did He create these problems for people? Is the current state of the world His fault? Is He really doing nothing to fix it? All these questions and more, and their answers can be found in my latest book “Humanity’s Biggest Killer”.


Get your copy today, to see for yourself the Human vs YHWH court proceedings. Books are opened, argument vs counterargument documented, and the final ruling. This is a court case like no other.

Read it to edify your soul.

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