What Is Sabbath? Why Should You Care?

The requirements of Sabbath are not grievous, If one decides to adhere. And here are the rules; between Sundown Friday – Sundown Saturday:

  •        No cooking or general cleaning (can’t light a fire during Sabbath- Exodus 35: 3)
  •          No shopping online or in person (bye bye Saturday farmer’s market)
  •         No quarrelling during Sabbath
  •          You cannot go on a journey during Sabbath (Exodus 16: 9- Unless going to offer help to someone as YASHUA did in the book of Mark and John)
  •        You cannot carry a burden during Sabbath (load, heavy items)


Like I said, the rules are simple 😊 So how do you prepare? I’ll say, easy! Do all your chores and shopping early on Friday, then Prepare a 24hrs worth of meals for you and your family. Now potatoes, fruits or plain salads would come in handy here 😊 baked goods, meat skewers and the sorts. Also boil your water for tea or coffee and store it in a 2hrs hot/warm flasks (available on eBay and Amazon.) At Sundown on Friday, sing praises and worship, read the scriptures, and enjoy the rest of your evening. Same on Saturday morning, praise, worship, read Scripture, then enjoy the reminder of your day, RESTING, until Sabbath ends at sundown. Then you can resume your normal activities.

I pray you are motivated to start keeping the Sabbath because it’s important to God, thus you should consider it. As YASHUA/JESUS told us many times “if you love me, keep my commandments”.

Bible references:

Exodus 20: 1 -17.

John 14: 15, 21, 23.

1st John 5: 3.


I hope this blesses you. Thanks. 

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