3 Important Layers of Feminine Look - P3

Hats - is another piece of accessory any feminine woman should utilize. Wearing a hat, protects your face and neck from sunburn, which is essential for  maintaining a youthful look. (It shows you care for your body and your skin, and that is one of the characteristics of a feminine woman.") A hat also add a subtle look to your style, making it more appealing. So, wear hats often. Though, there are many kinds, suited for different times, purpose or occasion. I’ll suggest you always wear one to the beach to protect your face from sunglare, and generally wear a hat when you are out and about. Those little cute round ones does it for me (I call them pot-hats)  and i always get compliments from people, telling me how good i look and how they love my hat. Hats are cute, stylish, feminine, and protective, so wear them.


Scarfs -  I love scarfs. Not only during the cold season, but it can be used as regular as you want. I incorporate scarfs to my style as often as I can because it adds a  feminine touch to one's look. (small silk scarfs are a great addition to your wardrobe.) Whether in a social, official, or casual setting, scarfs elevate your style and appearance. It is not only fashionable; it is very feminine. So, use scarfs to raise your style and your femininity.  


Sunglasses  - is another must have, must use, piece of accessory for a feminine woman. It helps protect your eyes from sunburn and sun-damage to your face. In my opinion, every woman should make efforts  to avoid facial sun-damage as best they can, and sunglasses can help a great deal wit that. Plus, it makes you look stylish. I cannot stress enough, the need for a conscious appearance or presentation for a feminine woman, hence my advice.

Note: When buying your sunnies, remember to choose sunnies that suits your facial shape. This makes it look classy, irrespective of the price-tag. Whether high-end or budget sunnies, fitting makes or breaks it. So, choose your perfect match to boost your overall feminine appearance. 


Well, that is all for now. Hopefully, after reading this blog-series, you can adjust your style to reflect your femininity, more.

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