Should Believers Sell Online During Sabbath?

But today’s modern lifestyle has conflicted this simple instruction. You see, just because we no longer set up physical shops, many believers fail to realize that doing business in an online marketplace is same as selling in a physical location, which profanes Sabbath.

Just because you didn’t physically leave your home during the 24hrs period of Sabbath (sundown Friday – sundown Saturday) doesn’t mean you’re not breaking it. So long as you earn a wage (by reason or customers buying your stock online) during Sabbath you have profaned it. Believe it or not, it matters to God that we observe Sabbath with all Godliness because it is a Holy and sanctified day of God. And He made it clear to us, how to show Him our love in 1st John 2: 3... If you obey God, He will fulfill His promises in your life. The customers or business you think you’ll lose if  you pause your online store during Sabbath, He would bless you with double that patronage, when your time comes. (God blesses in His season, according to His time for you life) Because you kept His word and didn’t choose modern ways of this world over His commandment... So do not let the world dictate to you how to serve God, rather follow His laws and lead your life, His way. If you do, He sees, He knows and would reward accordingly.

Twice I have prayed and asked Him about selling (online) during Sabbath, on each occasion he has given me an answer that clearly shows He doesn’t support us selling (working to earn) during His Holy day. Hence, I write to share this, because many believers do not know or even consider this fact.

Please read following scriptures for edification:

Exodus 20: 8 – 10

Nehemiah 10: 31

Nehemiah 13: 15 – 19

Mathew 24: 20

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