The Only Way To Know God

(unfortunately, the “church” has failed miserably to educate their parishioners about this important fact.) Without reading the word of God, you will have no understanding of God or how He works. For instance; What He has done in the ages past. His decree for  the age to come. What He expects of you, His Creation. What His promises for your life is, and  the possible punishments if you do not adhere to His commandments. All these and more you'll find in the Basic-Instruction-Before-Leaving-Earth, AKA the Bible. 

Hence I implore people to read the scripture, because instructions or encouragements for all possible scenarios in life has been detailed in it, for your benefit. There is nothing the Bible left undiscussed. Because God wants you to be comforted, and not to suffer any anxiety due to challenges of life, hence He laid down all the guiding principles in the Bible to make your journey through this World a breeze. So take advantage of this opportunity, get yourself a physical copy of a Bible and start your Bible study immediately.  That's the "only way to know God."


For more on connecting with God, get yourself or your loved one a copy of these books;  Humanity’s Biggest Killer - The Only Ethics You Need. 

These books have an easy explanation of what you should know about God and how to start or rebuild your relationship with Him.


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