Deeds Of A True Believer - Fruit Of The Spirit

This also means, that being a true believer will not win you a lot of friends. (which can cause a bit of isolation)

As the world continues to move further away from the laws and leadership of God, anyone who profess their believe in God or is seen to live according to His principal would not be tolerated, like we were forewarned in 2nd Timothy 3: 12. But that doesn’t mean we should live like the world for fear of rejection by loved ones and acquaintances. No, instead let us strive to be the light of God in this dark age and times, so that many, may get a chance to be led back to God through our deeds. 


Though some may label you crazy or paranoid for seeing things differently and living a scripture-based life, but don’t be deterred. You are doing the right thing and that is what matters, so continue your journey. Sometimes, It may be tempting to strife with those who mock your believe, but try not to. For that is what the devil would prefer you to do, in other to belittle your faith and diminish your confidence in God. What I would rather you do is; pray and ask God to touch the person who’s bent on leading you off tracks so they can call you a hypocrite, for responding to their persistent mockery of your faith. Always take it to God, He would handle them for you. And make them see His glory and grace that abides in you that they so desperately need, so they too, can come into His marvelous light.


Our way of life is what proves our believe in God, and that is what “deeds of a true believer” is about.


Please read the following scripture for edification:


Proverbs 31: 10 – end

Galatians 5: 22 – 23


2nd Timothy 2: 1 – end

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