Do The Masses believe We’re Living In The End-Times?

Why is it relevant? I would say it is the most important season of our lives and that of our generation because, we’re given the opportunity to witness some Biblical prophesies come to fruition.

Though, whenever mentioned; people often react as we are told they would in 2nd Peter 3: 3 - 4. So I comprehend their rejection everytime I express my believe. But what many don’t seem to understand is the fact that, whether or not they believe in God, they will answer to Him at the end of their lives or at the end of age, which ever comes first. So, playing games with the knowledge and the divinity of God or the validity of the Bible/Scripture is at your peril. Thus, I encourage people to start or rebuild their relationship with God now, because from all indications; time is running out fast.

Please read the following Scriptures for your edification:

·         Luke 21: 7 -28

·         1st Timothy 4: 1 – 3

·         2nd Timothy 3: 1 – 9

·         2nd Timothy 4: 2 – 4


I pray as you read these verses, you’ll make it a priority to return to God.

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