The Perks Of Returning To God - Tried and Testified

ever dream of. Valuables that money cannot buy. Mainly:

·         Peace of mind – This is something many pay to get help with, daily. In forms of therapy, rest and sleep aide devices, exercise and diet programs etc. People are increasingly becoming restless due to our fast-paced world/lifestyle (which we orchestrated). But when you return to God the first good thing that happens to you is; you’ll receive instant peace in your life. Despite your situation or on-goings in your life. You will feel at ease and those around you will notice it too, because it radiates your whole being. Read Philippian 4: 7.

·         Ease of life – Suddenly you will be doing or achieving goals easily. Because the grace of God will enable you plan and execute your daily demands, giving you a fruitful day. You will not understand the logic, but you’ll find yourself accomplishing your targets easily and peaceably. Read Jeremiah 29: 11. Philippians 4: 13.

·         He would lead and direct you – This gives you another level of ease. God will wake you every morning with instruction (put in your mind as a thought) on how to go about your day. Whatever you have thought of or planned, He will give you the easiest and most efficient way to achieve it. Making life easier. Read Jeremiah 29: 11.

·         He will teach you how to serve Him – No need to worry about how to please or serve God, for God Himself will teach you how. He’ll start by opening your spiritual eyes to see and will give you understanding to know what to do, actions that’ll you strengthen you relationship with Him. E.g., teach you to read your Bible daily (that’s the best way to know God. Read His word) teach you to pray and talk to Him throughout you day (open prayer or speak in your mind) help you make decisions that’ll bring fruitful results. Teach you how to be a true child of God by living example. Read Mathew 5: 13 – 16. Romans 12: 2. 


All of these and more is why I recommend you return to your Creator and your Father. He wants nothing from you, rather, He wants to ease your burden and make your load light. Trust Him. I can testify to these perks, cause I enjoy them daily, hence I endorse it.


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