Wait on God’s Time

but that is precisely what He wants you to do at that moment. To wait on His timing. Because He cares for you. God never wants us to suffer, but prefers we cast our cares unto Him, so he can ease our life from burden, so do just that. Pray to Him in truth, ask Him to take over the situation on your behalf, trust Him to do so, and WAIT. His time of response is always perfect.

Do not try to help Him fix it, as nothing is too complex or impossible with Him; He created the world, remember.  So, trust and wait on His perfect timing and watch your life blossom like a tree planted by the river side, which gives its fruit in due season.

Read the following scriptures to help you understand the need for time when it pertains to God.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 11

Psalm 27: 1 - the end

I pray these chapters help you in your walk with the Most High.

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