Ask Him For Forgiveness

Without asking for the forgiveness of your sins, YHWH can not work with you because he is Holy and Righteous and as such, Ungodliness cannot be found with Him. So, make it a duty to seek Him in truth today concerning your sins, so he can forgive you and start a relationship with you. Once you break through this barrier, your walk with Him becomes easy and your life transformed for good.

Read the following scriptures for support:

Romans 3: 23

1st John 1: 9

Hebrews 10: 22

Jeremiah 29: 13

Ezekiel 14: 6

Isaiah 43: 25

Psalm 86: 5

Isaiah 1: 8

I pray that as you read these verses, that you are inspired to seek God’s forgiveness so He can start His work in your life. Be blessed.


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