Do Not Be Afraid Or Ashamed To Call On YHWH

He never judges us by the past, rather He focuses on our present and what we choose to do with lessons learnt and new opportunities given.

Even If you are struggling with guilt about your past mistakes, I encourage you to seek our Father in Heaven. He will welcome you with open arms, strengthen you and heal your burden of guilt. Please give him a try today.

For assurance of His love for you, and a promise He would answer whenever you call, read the following chapters:

Romans 3: 23

Jeremiah 29: 13

1st John 1: 9

Hebrew 10: 22

Psalm 145: 18-19

Isaiah 43: 25

Psalm 86: 5

I hope these Scriptures bring you new hope of redemption and prompts you to start a relationship with your Creator, YWHW. He is always ready and waiting to have you back.


Be blessed. 

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