Most Debated Topic In Christian Communities

He would have done the same to anyone who intends to spread His gospel, so as to remove confusion. But these preaches keep burdening listeners with more yoke than they can bare, thereby driving many away. Which defeats the purpose of winning souls for Christ.

I will urge anyone who disagrees with my stance to read the following chapters in the Scriptures, and ask God to open their knowledge so they can understand what they are reading.

1st Kings 9: 7-9 (Kind Solomon and why the old Covenant ceased)

Galatians 3: 18 (our redemption by Grace not by Torah)

Galatians 2: 21 (smashing the keeping only Torah argument)

Acts 10: 44-45 (both circumcised and uncircumcised received the Holy Spirit)


Acts 13: 39 (believe in Jesus Christ + Ten Commandment + the guidance of the Holy Spirit is the way)

Please read, like, comment, and share. Let us spread the Truth to everyone .

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