Ladies Here Are 5 Ways To Boost Your Savings

Below are five ways you spend mindlessly and how to become more financially smart.

1- Fixing nails - This is quite common. You only need to walk across nail salons on your street or shopping malls to see how big a deal this is. From the moment they open for the day until they close their doors, nail salons are constantly busy fixing, correcting, and designing nails for ladies and making tons of money doing it. Unfortunately, this adds up annually. Ladies here is what to do instead; wear your natural nails, and treat it at home yourself. E.g., keep your natural nails trimmed, polished, and filed to the shape you desire (V-shape, round-shape etc.) buy quality nail treatment for your homecare and you will be saving over $700 a year on nail-care alone. Occasionally use the nail salon, but do not make it a regular trip. 

2-      Haircare – I know that a women’s hair is regarded as her crown, thus the need to keep her hair stylish always. But, since the average salon visit cost over $100 and given the required repetitive visit in a course of one year, this is another buck-breaker to watch out for. Ladies do this instead; buy quality haircare products for your home use, wash and style your hair at home. (It is a very feminine way to get in-touch with your womanhood.) If you do not know how to take care of your hair on your own, don’t worry. There are tons of videos on YouTube to help with that. Find these tutorial for your specific hair type and apply the lessons, I guarantee you feel even better knowing you did it yourself. Read articles on listicle sites that will give you a breakdown/how-to guide on what products better suits your hair type. That is how you’ll always wear a great hair without breaking your bank.  Visit the salon occasionally, but do not make it routine. 

Join me next week to learn the remaining financial mishaps and how to correct them, thanks for reading.

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