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dress and carry yourself with grace. In this article, I will be emphasizing on one of 3 crucial aspects of a feminine woman. To help you recognize or reinforce what you may already know. One of the physical ways to tune into your femininity is your Fashion/Style Choices.

Fashion is great ways to express your inner desire and artistry. It also tells a lot about your true feminine identity. (take note, women who do not identity as feminine are more likely to dress up as tomboys because they are more in tune with a masculine energy). But the feminine woman will always present herself in a softer, calmer elegant way. So, what is considered more feminine fashion or style, you may ask? Well, I will say the following;

Dresses – Dresses are more feminine than pant trousers and shorts. If you're able, wear dresses, more. Above the knee length or midi dresses are preferable. Please put away mini dresses unless an occasion calls for it.


Skirts – long or above the knee length skirt as an absolute winner for a feminine woman. Mini skirt is considered slutty (unladylike), unless you are heading to a nightclub, I suggest you leave those out of your daily style.


Colors – Soft color are very feminine. Choose colors such as Peach. Baby green and blue. Royal blue on occasion. Burnt orange. Torques. Caramel. Tane. Black. White. Soft pink and many others. Do not do wear colors that announces you from afar, it is unladylike.


Material – Endeavour to buy outfit made from rich fabrics e.g. Silk, Cashmere, Wool, Linen, Light patterned and dotted lace, pure cotton. These are not the only materials available, cause there are more luxurious fabrics in the market. But it will not be practical for every woman to afford hence, I mentioned these. So, buy the ones you can for now, and as you level up, then go for more luxury fabrics.


Tops – off shoulders  Outfits- dresses or tops are very elegant. U-shape neck tops are a pleaser, layered tuttle-neck are classy. Deep V-necks are a NO. Tops that exposes your breast to the public should be avoided. It is not classy. Also keep in mind that tops that cover your armpit areas are better for you. Preferably mid-length to full sleeve tops. 


These are a few tips on ways to style more feminine. What you need to understand is, your clothing choices, color-choice and fabric-choices, all plays a part in your overall presentation as a feminine woman. So, pay attention to those. Next article, we will be discussing another important layer of the Feminine Woman's look.

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