Ho-Vid-19 The Real Pandemic Devastating Families

The war on our mind is the biggest battle of our civilization till date, yet many seem oblivious to it. Visual images have the power to influence our ideologies, interest, and our overall behavior, so it is just as detrimental to our well-being. Hence, everyone needs to be mindful of their projection whether at home or in public. Although, if you observe the social media space today, you will notice a severe case of moral decadence. Adults and teenagers are behaving in deplorable manners, film themselves doing it and share the videos on social media for the world to see. More shocking, is the number of people applauding the foolery. No one finds it appalling, and the society carries on as usual.

The psychological war on our moral by the powers-that-be is evidently clear, you only need to look at what they are promoting to confirm it... Shows they have on different networks. Videos they allow to go viral, and the buffoonery they co-sign on social spaces. The list is endless. Though, I will not blame outside influence on our mind and behavior any more than I blame the negligence of parents and guidance for failing to do their job and raise the children responsibly.

Take a trip down to your local mall to see the display of dysfunctionality within the family structure for yourself. E.g., you will see parents walking to and from shops with their young children, and what they allow, mostly their young daughters to wear. Children as young as 10,11,12yrs old wearing scanty outfits that barely covers their young bodies. Majority of them already wearing makeup on their faces and false body parts (nails, eyelash etc.) one would expect a father or mother to know better than allow their girls dress irresponsibly. (but who is buying them the provocative outfits and accessories?)  Children, adolescence, and teenagers are dressing more and more provocatively, and society see nothing wrong with it. To the average sane person, it is disheartening.

As an adult female, you dress a certain way to attract male attention, so when I see children, pre-teens, and teens, dressing is seductive apparels, it leaves me wondering; what are they seeking? These kiddies have no idea what they are doing nor the implications. It might seem innocent, but it influences how people perceive and treat them. Thus, these scanty, sexualized outfits should be discouraged for young girls. I even saw a toy review on YouTube not long ago, that shows a toy with tickling between its legs (genitals). I mean, how far down the drain does humanity has to slide before we realize what is at play. In my humble opinion, that toy is the normalization of incest in young families. Reason I arrived at this conclusion is, kids are impressionable. What they see, they will do. So, if an irresponsible mother (because you must be irresponsible to buy your child that sort of toy) buys their children such abominable toy, and they play with it, it will not be long before the kiddie will want to see if his or her sibling can tickle too, when touched in their genitals just like the toy.

This toy is something parent should be up in arms about, but they are not. In the review the lady was even saying that the evil toy is sold out. I mean, that tells you everything you need to know about the psychology of parents and the reason the society is heading downwards. Because, if parents cannot see the evil in such a toy but proceed to buy it for their young children. If parents cannot raise their children right, how are we supposed to have a decent society? 

I have written a book titled the-only-ethics-you-need that can help the parents and all adults with simple ideas to turn this tide before it is too late. Also check out the book of the originator of the word “ho-vid-19”. He wrote to address this psychological warfare that I believe women need to read, titled war-in-your-heaven.

Please check out both books, and comment on this issue. Is it just me, or are you seeing It too?

Thanks for reading. 

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