How Adults Can Lead Ethical Lifestyle

you to face realities of life. E.g. learn to live with others (neighbors). Negotiate common areas in a complex. How to talk to people. How to eat right to maintain your health. Set up necessities like electricity, water, home phone and gas accounts etc. These are realities you will experience firsthand; it is inevitable. When that happens, put your best foot forward. Be good to your neighbors. Strive to pay your bills on time to ensure good credit report to your name.

In your complex, be benevolent towards everyone to foster peace and community. For example, before you host backyard parties, consider noise and guest behavior (because alcohol can sometimes change people’s countenance), this you cannot control. Also, loud music generates noise disturbing peace in your complex. Thus, be careful not to offend your neighbors.

Also, be conscious of your activities upstairs, because it affects those below you (noise and sounds, blares downstairs). E.g. I have seen a neighbor carelessly sweep his balcony dirt on another as I walked pass. Had he checked for people before doing so, the situation would have been avoided. I have had water gosh down my balcony because, my neighbor hosed downed his gallery, instead of mopping it, so dirty water ended up on mine. Although these actions are unintended, it can cause rift between people. Beware of it.

Overall, be a decent adult wherever you are. In my new book (click here) you’ll find more insightful tips on how to be ethical as an adult, a family, a business owner or in the community. Living a prudent life improves your psyche and gives positive energy to the Cosmos. Book is out now, get your copy today.

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