Why Ethical Living Is Vital for Our Wellbeing

others they come across. Because of the positive vibe you released to them on encounter. The same person can also become mean or nasty to others, after you have acted unpleasant  or said vile things to them. For the energy we give, has a ripple effect, so, endeavor to give good energy always, to improve the positive vibrations of our Cosmos.

Also, in ethical living, spirituality is vital. You must remember that “you are a Created Being”. So, connect with your Creator. It is He (YAHUAH, Maker of Heaven and Earth) who can give you ease of life. For us to attain a peaceful and fulfilled life, we need the guardianship of the Holy Spirit, which can only be revealed, if we allow YAHUAH stewardship of our life.

There are practical ways to improve Morals and Spiritual awareness, and that is what my new book “The Only Ethics You Need” is focused on. Guiding people to achieve fruitful life through Ethical-Living.

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