The Only Ethics You Need To Lead A Fruitful Life

A project very dear to me and one I have been working on for nearly 2years. I began writing "the only ethics you need"  due to the behaviors i was noticing in the community and society at large, but more disturbing is the tolerance for it. 

I kept wondering why things has gotten this bad?

  • Could it be that Morals, no longer matter?
  • Or that etiquettes are longer taught at home?

 I don't think am the only one observing this shift from "good-manners", a quick read, through the comments on these awful videos and posts online and you see that many, are just as concerned. 

When you look at the state of the society (us as individuals) today, one can tell that many people have no good upbringing. People fuss about being disrespected or mistreated in some way or another, yet the majority lacks discipline. We forget that the energy we give out, will always find its way back to us.

But, good morals do not just happen. It is a collective of principals imparted on us from the grassroot, the home. Therefore, I say to people, “the-family”, is the single most important unit of the society. For our communities to thrive, the family must play its crucial role in raising kids right. This is the steppingstone to creating a morally balanced society for us all.

My new book titled The-Only-Ethics-You-Need-To-Attain-A-fruitful-Life, will give inspiration to individuals and families seeking to reform. In it you will find encouragement and insightful tips on;

  • How to raise your kids properly.
  • How to be a principled adults.
  • Ways to achieve more in life, and most importantly
  • Building a relationship wit God. (vital for our wellbeing). 

This is your one true guide to refining your character and your life.

I hope you enjoy todays blog, please join me next time for another interesting topic. Thank you.

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