Number 1 Relationship Problem & How to Fix (Part 2)

  information they have been bombarded with for so long.  But do not despair, there are several ways to turn things around for good, but I'll focus on the most crucial tip, which is;  Good Communication. If perfected, this one simple and practical tips can help turn the magic back on in your relationship and marriage. 
The myth about Communication is that ''if someone truly cares about you, they'll understand you''. But I'll argue that to be No. The reason is simple, no one is a mind reader. If you're in a relationship, you should endeavor to talk to your partner about anything and everything that pertains to your life together. From the little things like house chores and meal choices/options to important issues like finance and family in general. You should never assume your partner understands how you feel or what you want, nor expect them to do things exactly how you want them to. Unless you talk to them about it. It is in your best interest to have an open, honest and consistent communication in your relationship. That way, you and your partner will be on the same page on any matter, and avoid unnecessary fighting and arguments, and most importantly you'll both share a happy easy going life together.

  When I first met my husband eleven years ago, I had the same thoughts as well. I thought to myself that if he truly cares about me, he would understand me, without me having to tell him anything. But, eighteen months and many arguments later, one day I came to the realization that,  had I talked to him about what we're fighting about at the time, we won't be having that argument. From then on, I started communicating my feelings  more with him, and he too started opening up about things, now we spend less time arguing and more time enjoying life. Our communication improved and so did our relationship.

So I urge you to talk more with your partners, for a better understanding of what is expected of the other party. What you both want to do in any given situation or the direction you're both headed in life, no discussion should be off limits.

  For example, you should be open to talk about everything from personal stuffs, to your relationship goals, friends,  family, job, finance, future projects, sex, ambition, and everything else that concerns your relationship. Cultivate the habit of talking with your partner, to avoid fights, regrets and resentment towards each other. Communication is a crucial key to a happy relationship, marriage and life. I cannot recommend it enough.


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