Number 1 Relationship Problem & How to Fix It

The issue is Poor Communication

 The ''my partner should read my mind'' and therefore figure out what I want, or how to make me happy, is a terrible mentality to harbor. First of all, your happiness is your responsibility, not your partners. So do not assume he/she would know or fix everything for you. Whether you're in a domestic partnership or marriage, without proper communication, your relationship will not thrive. If you and your partner struggle to communicate, you'll both struggle with everything else.

Poor communication has lead to the demise of many beautiful love story and potentially happy marriages, because one member or both couple lacks good communication skills. This leaves them fighting and arguing all the time, rather than growing to love each other more...

 In my book 6-Misconceptions-About-Marriage I have detailed this topic as the Number One Myth people have in relationship, which is also the number one reason couple are struggling.  Communication in marriage is so crucial, it's almost impossible for any relationship to thrive without it. So I'll recommend you get yourself a copy of my book, to help you with proven tips on how to achieve that blissful union you crave, in your marriage.

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