Reasons & Effects of Unhappy Relationship

Hence, I want to shine some light on this issue today. To hopefully raise awareness to this growing problem amongst the younger generation. Some of the reasons for these negative emotions includes;

  1. Unrealized Expectations- Sometimes people get into a relationship with a preconceived idea of what they want from it. Some goals they expect to achieve with their new partner. e.g. get married or have kids. They'll often set a time frame at which to achieve that result. But when the time comes and passes without them realizing their goals; frustration, disappointment, and sometimes even depression sets in. They'll begin to feel like a failure or even start to question their love or commitment to their partner, as to whether the person is worth their time. When all they should be doing is; enjoy where they are, at that moment in time. Instead of letting the expectations of the future, ruin the bliss of the present. 

  2. Unemployment  - Sometimes, one member of the couple may have a hard time finding a job, in other to earn some money of their own and be independent. When they're enable to find work, they may be forced to depend on their partner for everything. And despite the supportive effort of their spouse, the unemployed partner may begin to feel worthless, and unhappy for not being able to earn their own keep. This disappointment, understandable as it seems,  can trigger a feeling of low self esteem and depression. Which in turn leads to unhappiness in a relationship.

  3. Fear Of Being Alone - Some people are too concerned about what the society thinks, so much that they're willing to stay in a relationship with someone they clearly see, is not compatible with their values or good for mental well-being. Just because they think that time is running out, which may by as a result of friends and family constantly reminding them of it. This fear of getting old and possibly ending up alone, has driven many people into unhealthy relationships. Which really isn't healthy. My take on this; What ever the reason is, I would like to tell you today, that it is not in your best interest to continue a relationship with someone that will not inspire you to be your better self, to grow and improve your life, to pursue your dreams nor encourage your goals. You need to understand that we all have one chance at live, and as such, we owe it to ourselves to live it well. Do not heed to the society's pressure to find a partner, and end up in relationship that'll cause you anguish. Do not compromise your peace of mind or happiness, just so your family will be happy to learn you have someone. You can do so much better by yourself, than being in relationship that'll relegate you into a life of mediocre. The psychological pain you'll be exposed to, and the damage it will cause your health, when you're unhappy in a relationship, will be far greater than being alone, in a world where we're constantly bombarded by Perfect-Life mentality. Never forget that at the end of the day, it's your life, so it's not selfish to make decision's good for you. I urge you to access your relationship and find out ways to improve on it, but if you can't, then you should have the courage to make better decision for your future, even if it means living alone. If you aim to fulfil your own ambition and your true purpose, never compromise that for anything. You are strong enough, you are smart enough and you will make it, only if you're courageous enough to take the plunge, when necessary. Like and share this blog if you agree, thanks.

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