6 Misconceptions About Marriage

  Often, people envisage fairy-tale life when they think of marriage. But the reality is, there is no fairy-tale in  marriage. Marriage requires work and consistency. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to ruin your positive expectation about marriage, but I'll rather equipped with the right information, than to arm you with wishful thinking .

   You may ask? What's the big deal in expecting a fairy-tale life when we get married? My answer is that, its a myth. And people should be careful how they apply this mentality to real life situation. I will like to say that most of the time people build this marriage fantasies, it often comes from the reality TV shows they're watching. Unfortunately these shows has no bearing in real life, and as a result many couples are struggling to connect with each other.

  In other to debunk this myth and face the truth about what you should be doing instead, I'll urge you to get yourself a copy of my book 6 Misconceptions About Marriage, where you'll find all the information that'll help you make better decisions in your dealings with your partner/spouse. If you know the truth about what makes a marriage or relationship work and apply the principals, you'll notice a significant improvement in your relationship...  So my question is; 

- Are you in a relationship right now? 

- Have you been experiencing difficulty in communicating with your partner ?

- Have you unknowingly created some unrealistic expectations?

- Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  Then get yourself a copy of my book, to help you find answers to some conflicting myths about what makes a marriage work?

While some couple are having a blast in their relationship, others are finding it hard to connect.  And more often than not, the answers to some recurring issues is simple, you only need to find it. There are ways you to achieve happiness, as I have detailed in my book, for your benefit.

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