Become Your Own Brand Influencer

Hence this post. So here are my five tips on ways to pump up your influence online. In no particular order;

 1. Set Up A Social Media Profile; LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Use your real name, or the name you want people to associate you with. These platforms mentioned here gives user their own URL, when you create an account with them. Which his allows you/your name to be searchable on the web. So use the name you that truly reflects who you want the world to know.

 Note - When filling out your details/profile, don't go overboard. Just add your name, most relevant work or personal career information. keep it simple, less is more.

 2. Be Mindful Of Your Post. Many of us share way too much personal stuff on social media.  It is not a great idea if you're job seeking. Because your next employer is unlikely to hire an employee who spent all last weekend partying, thanks to your social media feed. potential employers will not take your job application seriously. They they'll fear you may party too hard one day and wouldn't show up for work the next. Not to mention the risk of having someone with a lousy image associated with brand or  establishment. So clean up your social media feed. If possible, post less about you, and more about helpful and inspiring things.

 Note. If you're using that platform to promote your business, you can post as many as your business demands, otherwise I'll  suggest you keep your pumpkin soup dinner,  your night club video clips or your sexy bikini photos to yourself.

 3.Set Up A Web Profile. Set up your own website. It's  easy  and simple these days with lots of free website builders, offering free subscription. So find a web-building platform and set up a free website. Add as much information about your skills or qualification, as you can. Use the free website as a landing page for your online profile, so that when someone searches for your name, they'll be redirected there. This will help to build a more professional presence for you. 

 Note -  Don't worry about the sub-domain branding, which is usually  attached to your domain name because you're using their free subscription. If and when you start to monetize your site, you can upgrade and remove their sub-domain attachment, to make your website even look more professional.

 4. Links. link all your social media profile to your website, so you can share post and information across all channels. Your website ranking will keep growing if you have links from your other platforms connecting to our site, it's like telling search engine that you're real and active, and your website is relevant, hence the connection between your website and other social platforms.

 5. Submit Your Website To Search Engines. When you have finish creating your social media profile, and have designed your website. It is crucial for you to submit your website/domain URL to search engine to enable them register your profile and start building your ranking. Be it Google, Yahoo, or  Bing, or all of the above. What ever you do, make sure to keep your online presence professional, because no one likes Trashy. 

 I hope with these little steps, you'll be on your way to building a professional online presence for you and your business. Please leave a comment. Thank you.

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