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so I know how it feels to be unemployed trust me. But that's not what I want you to note here today, rather I want you to put your skills to work. I will not glorify the situation by lamenting on the frustration of unemployment, rather i want to share with you ways to turn things around for your own benefit. I know many will like to know; How can I do it? I don't have the means or resources. Well I can tell you, that sitting at home or anywhere else and complaining about no work isn't going to fix the problem either, so here is what you should be doing instead:

1. Re-access your goals. figure out what it is you're looking for in your career. Do you want to be working for someone? Or do you have some skill you can use to launch your own career? Chances are you may be better offer harnessing your skills rather than working for someone, and once you've done that personal assessment, the next thing to do will be to work on your online presence. and here is Why and How;


2. Re-Brand yourself. Many of you are looking for work yes,  but you're constantly posting nightlife pictures all over social media, including bedroom snaps. Let me remind you that ninety percent of this digital age employers, will check the online profile of a potential employee before they make a decision on hiring them or not. So if you're thinking of working for someone then you may want to delete any social media post that does not represent professionalism or decency. Otherwise you're going to be in the job seeking market for a while. You may think '' oh it's my life, am  going to do what I want '', but ask yourself ? How far has that carefree attitude gotten you. Am sure you know the answer, so do what's right for you and clean up your social media profile, so potential employers can give you a chance, and hopefully you'll find work. The next thing is;


3. Create an online presence/Use social media to your advantage. Here is what I mean,  if you're someone who has a skill,  be it Cooking, Sewing, Hair Dressing, Carpentry, Makeup or any other vocational skill.  You've tried to find work but couldn't, it's time to tap into the social media platform and bring your skills to life. Here is how; identity your skill and the right social media platform that can give you the exposure you need, e.g.  If you're a makeup artist or you're good with cooking and you're hoping for a career out of it, then YouTube and Instagram should be your option, posting videos of your work on these platforms will bring you some exposure, which can often lead to wide range of career opportunities. If you're into sewing, and you can make beautiful pieces of wearable fashion, then you should  find the right social media platform for you, based on the audience you're hoping to attract. The same goes for everyone, no matter what your skills is , there is a social media platform that can help you reach out to the right audience, who will embrace your work and hopefully you can create a job for yourself. 

 Instead of spending all day on social media looking up other people, liking and commenting on people's pictures, or simply stalking your exes, you should use the platform to build your own brand. You don't need to borrow money to start, makeup or cooking or sewing. Instaed; Use your own makeup to create a video for YouTube channel. Use your old material at home to sew a purse or skirt and put it online for people to see, or use your kitchen and food in your pantry to cook and create video for your online platform. Though it takes time and effort for something to thrive, but nothing good comes easy. So work hard and build yourself  up, instead of complaining about not finding work, create work for yourself with the same amount of time and energy you spend on social media looking up other people. I strongly suggest you invest that time and energy into building a life you've always wanted. 

Hope you enjoyed today's topic, please join me next week for another interesting time. Don't forget to comment and share this blog.

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