3 Simple Keys To A Successful Life

Being successful is a personal choice. A choice that can be influenced by people around you, who are successful, which makes you want to emulate them.  It also come from a place in your heart that want to do better than your parents, with hopes to break free from poverty or mediocre  life, that you were born into. Or it could be your self ego that makes you want to be successful, so you don't have to live off other people or take orders  from your benefactor, what ever the reason is, one thing is sure. and that is; the quest for success is a personal choice.


 Many people are often smitten by success, but are not prepared for the price of it. When they see the luxurious lifestyle of successful people on the media, it looks great and enticing but they never really understand what it take to get there, or what is required to keep it up,  and there is where my blog for today comes in.  In no particular other.


 - Have a vision - The ability to imagine how great the result of your effort will be if everything goes to plan, and the feeling of satisfaction you'll derive from your success is what will keep you going during the darkest hour. " Having a vision"  can help your quest for success, because if you can imagine it, you'll be become excited about it, and when you're excited about it, you'll get involved in it, and when you get involved in it, that'll put you in a better position and give you the best possible chance of achieving it. So have a vision, Work towards it, and your dream of success will be half way through yet.


 - Be Persistent - Your ability to succeed does not lie in your one time effort only. No, it will require numerous and repeated effort for things to work out. You'll have to keep doing what you're doing over and over again and sometimes trying news things along the way, for success to happen. This also means, that in the face of adversity you don't just give up on your dream, no matter how deep you fall, you should have the mentality of positive thinking, always remind yourself that failure is a major part of success and life in general, that you'll get back on you feet and get moving again.  So your spirit should not be dampened by some few bumps on the road. You must have the ability to solider on despite any challenge. Cause  if you don't, you may never make it to the top, even when you do, you'll fall back down very quickly and end up becoming a one time hit, cause you can't maintain your spot at the top, thanks to your lack of persistence.


 - Be Confident - Confident plays a major role in our lives and aspirations. if you don't believe in your ability to do something or achieve a goals, it's going to be very difficult for you to do so. It will be even more difficult for others to trust you or support your dream, so develop the habit of telling yourself  " you can do it, you're just as good as anyone else doing it, that you're good enough to do it." Be confident enough to stand alone in your quest for success because many people are probably not going to believe in you or support you. That's why it's critical that you have the ability to go alone if need be. Many career choices you make or drams you have , may force you to walk alone in other to get to the top, so be prepared to be your own cheerleader, because the road to success is very unpredictable, long and often very lonely. Being confident in your ability to achieve your goals, is a very crucial ingredient for a successful life.


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