Be Financially Smart -Part 2


the meter keeps reading on that particular power outlet, even without the appliance being in use, which in turn keeps increasing your kilowatts usage and effectively your bill. It may seem like a small amount each day, but the bill does add up each month or quarterly depending on your electricity charge routine.

My Advice - Turn off appliances from the switch when not in use, to save a bit extra on your electricity bill.

Buying Work Lunch Everyday, Not Good For Your Savings - Many of us like this time of the day, we head out with our colleagues to a nearby café to unwind during break, but do you know that each time you buy that $9.90 or $8.90 sandwich or other quick fancy lunch, you're robbing yourself of huge amount of savings. But before you loose your cool, just hear me out, lets do the math;

Afternoon takeout/dine-in lunch $9.90 - daily 

$9.90 * 5 = $49.50 ( weekly office lunch expense)

$49.50 * 4 = $198 (monthly office lunch expense)

$198 * 12 = 2,376 ( annual office lunch expense)  so you see, the cost does add up.

My Advice - make yourself some lunch at home, and take with you to work on a regularly basis. Lunch could be anything from fruits, nut or muesli bars, or chicken and veggies wrap, whatever you're comfortable with, just take it with you, and save money on buying lunch at work. Remember you have weekends to catch up with your friends and family  at your local  restaurants, pubs and bars, so you're not missing out on socializing, rather you're simply spending wisely. At most buy one takeout lunch once a week, if that makes you feel good, but try not to make it a daily habit, as that could be very expensive taste at the end of the year, as you can see from the figures above.

Shop Fashion During Off Season - Shopping one trend behind is a great way to save big. Yes many of us would love the look and feel of dressing up in trendy styles and latest fashion.  But if you can learn to adjust your strong desire for THE NOW, and wait just a little bit longer, before splurging in fashion or wardrobe makeover, you will save a great deal of money. Shopping one season behind, gives you access to high-end fashion pieces for a fraction of the price. Here is how it works; popular fashion brands are always eager to introduce the next trend, the next style into the collection, which means they're always going to push this season collections off their shelves, to make room for next season, and that's where your bargain comes in. Because after 4-6 weeks on the shelves, these collection will go on sales, and as the weeks go by, the shops will increase the sales to 40, 50 and sometimes even 70% off the original price, all in an effort to get rid the items.

My Advice - Wait and shop later, maybe 2 months after each  new collection, and you'll save big, whilst dressing up in style. Unless you have a specific need to buy that dress or shoe or accessory, i suggest you let the chips fall, so you can easily catch as many as you wish.

I hope these little tips from last week and today's article, will help you make some adjustments to your expenditures and hopefully save big.

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