Be Financially Smart - Part 1

Use Fan To Ventilate Your Home - We all love the chills of air-conditioning, i mean who doesn't. Especially those hot sticky summer days, you want to turn on your AC from dusk to dawn for cooler temperature but unfortunately, the cost of running an air-conditioning is far more expensive than using fan. Do you know that Fan uses almost the same amount of power as your light bulb (very cheap) whilst delivering some cool breeze to help you stay cool during the day. This make it the cheaper option for you and your family this summer.

Here's my advice;

Run your fan at home from morning (or whenever you deem fit), until night time. Saving you running cost on Ac. Only use you air-condition at night, that way you spend less on electricity cost, whilst managing to keep you and your family cool all day long.

Cut Down On Take Out Coffee - Ok, I can see the knives coming out on this one, but the truth is, take out morning coffee put a deep hole on your weekly, monthly and eventually annual budget. I can almost hear, "oh, so i can't get my morning coffee from my favorite café now, is it" well I'll say, yes you can, i just need you to read on, and then go on to make your own decision. So let's crunch the numbers; One cup of regular flat white coffee in cafes = $4.50


$4.50 * 7(days) = $31.50


$31.50 * 30(days) = $126


$126 * 12(months) = $1512 

Wow that's quite an expensive taste. Now you know where your money is going. So you see that seemingly innocent morning takeout coffee is contributing to your financial woes.

Here is my Advice;

Make your own coffee at home in the morning. If it's the barista effect your most concerned with, then get yourself some simple to use coffee machine from your local groceries. There are lots of these easy-to-use coffee maker nowadays, and they're totally inexpensive. Prices are as little as $59 for one. This is a better way to save money. Make your own at home,  and take some coffee to work with you. You should make buying take out coffee at work occasional, because spending $1512 a year just for coffee is very expensive way to live.  Unless you earn over $100.000 a year, i suggest you spend wisely. Also take into account that these estimate is just for one take out coffee per day, there are some of us who buy at least 2-3 takeout coffees a day, which will dramatically increase their cost of living. Now that you see the results for yourselves, I hope  you'll start to make smarter financial choices.

Join me next week, to learn more on ways to save money. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment. 

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